GFF’s Forde urges discipline during Covid crisis, plans afoot for resumption of football

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President, Wayne Forde, is urging all stakeholders and athletes in the footballing fraternity to be disciplined as the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over.

In an exclusive interview with The 592 Dugout, Forde stated; “We (GFF) would like to thank the entire Football fraternity for adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines and to remind everyone that this crisis is not yet over and as difficult as it is, we have to remain disciplined”.

He also revealed; “The GFF National Team players were advised to adhere strictly to the COVID 19 guidelines as a matter of priority. The Head Coach and Team Management are in constant contact with the players and have provided individual work programmes aimed at helping them to maintain some level of fitness”.

The GFF boss also pointed out that the federation has remained in constant partnership with the Government of Guyana (GoG) and is working to help flatten the curve of Covid.

“The GFF remains well informed of the Government’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID 19 and we are doing everything within our power to complement those efforts”.

Looking ahead to when football can be played again, Forde pointed out; “The GFF has developed plans for the restart of on field activities but will only make those announcements after the Ministry of Public Health have provided appropriate guidance for outdoor activities”.

If any, the footballing landscape may see some changes and Forde noted; “All changes will be guided by the Football Governing bodies and the Ministry of Public Health. The GFF may also consider additional measures if necessary”.


Published by

Michelangelo Jacobus

Sports Editor and Founder of 'The 592 Dugout'.

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