Consultations held between GFF & Regional Member Associations

The President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, conducted a series of consultations and sessions with representatives from the Regional Member Associations (RMAs), Affiliates and Elite League Clubs to obtain a firsthand account the impact COVID-19 has had within the respective RMAs jurisdictions.

According to a press release, the sessions, which began on July 24 and concluded on August 4, were organised in small groups at a time in adherence with the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.
Forde, in commenting on the meetings, said they were informative and there was optimism among members: “It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with our football family and see how well everyone was coping in these challenging times. While we have a duty to engage with our primary stakeholders when key decisions are being contemplated, it goes without saying, that it will require a massive team effort to kick-start football once the situation improves and the requisite approvals and protocols are announced. These meetings were informative and enlightening and I felt that everyone left feeling optimistic and motivated to put in the work that is so badly needed to ensure that football makes the best use of future opportunities.”

Among the issues discussed at the meeting were the following:
• The decisions made by Concacaf and FIFA to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on football across the Region.
• Present plans and obtain feedback on competition formats being developed by the GFF for the resumption of on-field football activities.
• Present plans for the material and financial support the members will have access to during 2020 and 2021.


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