GFF establishes Scholarship Committee ahead of its proposed Scholarship Programme

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has appointed a scholarship committee styled the “GUYANA Football Scholarship Committee” that will be responsible for the formulation of the GFF scholarship programme.

GUYANA Football Scholarship Comittee Chairman: Olato Sam

The five-member committee, whose mandate will be for one year, is an Ad hoc one in accordance with Article 56 of the GFF Constitution and consists of former Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, who is the Chairman, Rawle Small, Educator and owner of Chase Academy – Henry Chase, Lavern Fraser and Charissa Rampersaud.

In a release to the media, President Forde remarked: “As leaders, we have a moral obligation to create life changing opportunities for the young boys and girls, who passionately dedicate their lives to football. It is our duty to ensure that each player has equal and fair access to the boundless opportunities of their football experience and are inspired to model the qualities of good discipline, dedication and hard work. A solid education is a lifetime gift and I am confident that many of our players will follow in the footsteps of those who have benefitted from scholarship opportunities and have gone on to lead productive lives, while contributing to the greater good of the Guyanese society.”

Chairman Sam also commented: “This Committee is extremely honoured to be given the opportunity to serve the youths of Guyana in this capacity. We are committed to establishing a framework that would positively impact the lives of our talented players. We applaud the GFF for making this a priority area and look forward to supporting its efforts in advancing football in our country.”


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