GFF distances self from ‘Halendino Sports’ Trials

Following the announcement of an entity, ‘Halendino Sports’, that it would be hosting trials for young athletes in the disciplines of cricket, basketball and football, the Guyana Football Federation(GFF) has distanced itself from the event.

A release to the media read; “The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) takes note of the recent announcement by an entity called Halendino Sports, as covered in the Kaieteur News article “Halendino Sports to host trials” on January 14, 2021.”

The ‘Haledino Sports’ poster advertising trials for young athletes

“The GFF would like to make it clear to all members of the football community that Halendino Sports is not affiliated to the Federation and this activity has not been approved or sanctioned by the Federation. As such, no registered member of the Federation is authorised to participate in this activity”.

It further read; “Under the GFF Constitution, and in the interests of good governance, player safety and professional standards, GFF members are only authorised to participate in officially sanctioned events. Any participation in unsanctioned activities may result in punitive action, including suspension”.

The GFF also cautioned that at this time, any on field activity must be reviewed and approved by the National COVID-19 Task Force before permission is granted by the Federation.

They concluded; “GFF urges the football community to continue to follow and obey the COVID-19 regulations and protocols as ordered by the Government of Guyana to protect the health and wellbeing of the general populace during the pandemic”.


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Michelangelo Jacobus

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