National footballer Garrett slides into business with Finish Line Express!

National footballer Jeremy Garrett has taken his positivity and energy that fans are accustomed to seeing on the field to launch his very own business. The 22-year-old’s delivery service was launched a week ago and has already come up for high praise from his customers thus far.

‘Finish Line Express’ was birthed through Garrett’s personal experience and frustration with having to wait unreasonably long hours to get food deliveries and he set about to remedy this malady not only for himself but for his fellow Guyanese. According to Jeremy, his courier service will deliver from ‘rope to soap’ and will not only be limited to food delivery.

Meanwhile on the field, Garrett has left his longtime club the Fruta Conquerors and will suit up for the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) in the new season. He has also completed his two-year Rehabilitation Science studies with Louisiana State University (LSU) Eunice and will be pushing ahead with a full scholarship to Chicago State University.

In an invited comment, Garrett stated; “First of all I must give praise and thanks to the Almighty for the strength and blessings to venture off into the business world. I would certainly give a special thanks to my parents and sister for the great support they are showing with this new venture. To my younger brother Jermaine, I just want to say thanks a lot for the energy and sacrifice you make daily to make this business grow. Thank you to all my friends who have been very supportive, to my brother Sunil Logan who sends me dinner every night so I can stay focused on the job. To Dixon, Ryan “Bom Bom” Hackett, Kelsey Benjamin and others, I say thanks to all of you guys for the great support in ensuring that this dream became a reality”.

Garrett’s business can be found on social media sites: Facebook and Instagram. Their contact numbers are 592-226-9114 and 592-638-8796.


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Michelangelo Jacobus

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