Govt plans to bid for hosting of PAK vs WI & ICC U-19 World Cup games

At the request of the newly-elected Executive Committee of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon. Charles Ramson Jnr. met with the members for a guided tour of the Providence National Stadium.
Minister Ramson updated members on the continuing works at the Stadium and in particular the playing area.

He said that he was well aware of the upcoming international tours to the region and revealed that the Government of Guyana, when necessary, will be bidding for matches at the Stadium, including the West Indies vs Pakistan T20 series and the ICC Under-19 World Cup Championship to be played in the West Indies in August 2021 and January 2022 respectively. The GCB members were all impressed with the facilities at the Stadium and noted that the ground and pitch were in excellent condition and up to international standard.

The Providence pitch is in perfect condition

Minister Ramson took the opportunity to again congratulate the Executive Members of the GCB on their recent appointments and urged them to build a strong cricket structure and establish partnerships with all cricket stakeholders in this new dispensation. He reminded the members that cricket is our national sport and that, in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, they raise the bar in cricket administration.

He added that the Government of Guyana would be willing to partner with the GCB to ensure that Guyana is firmly placed as a cricket tourist destination. He noted that the GCB is the only sports body in Guyana that is governed by an Act of Parliament. So, it is incumbent on the Executive Committee to leave an exemplary legacy of accountability, good governance and public confidence.

The Minister once again expressed his profound sadness at the passing of the GCB Treasurer, Mr. Pretipaul Jaigobin, and suggested that the GCB should consider a cricket competition be played in his honour.

President of the GCB, Mr. Bissoondyal Singh, responded by thanking Minister Ramson for accommodating the visit by the GCB. He praised the Minister for the pivotal role he played in resolving the cricket impasse and added that the GCB looks forward to working with him and the Government of Guyana to realise the aims and objectives of the Board.


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