GCB vs GoG continues, GCB members banned from the National Stadium

The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has imposed an immediate ban of the ‘Guyana Cricket Board’ (GCB) members from the Providence National Stadium citing non-compliance with the Cricket Administration Act.

This comes on the heels of statements from Minister Charles Ramson Jr. on Tuesday, in which he shut down a request from the GCB for the use of the National Stadium and also said that his Ministry does not recognize the GCB as a legitimate body responsible for cricket in Guyana.

Minister of Culture, Youth & Sport: Charles Ramson Jr.

The Minister was at the time referring to an article published in sections of the media that suggested the recently held ‘Bounce Back’ Football tournament which was held at the National Stadium had resulted in serious damage to the pitch area.

Consequently, the GCB hit back on Wednesday with a press release of their own in which they challenged certain parts of the Cricket Administration Act and revealed that they would now have to use the LBI Facility for the practice matches to select a team to represent Guyana at the upcoming Regional Super50 tournament.

Additionally, the press release noted; “The GCB has consistently objected to various aspect of the Cricket Administration Act based on strong and valid arguments. As a consequence, the GCB finds it disheartening that there once again appears to be political interference in the administration of cricket in Guyana, albeit that this time the interference seems to be ignited by Minister Charles Ramson Jr.”

Meanwhile on Thursday, the Ministry posted a statement to their social media in response to the ‘GCB’ press release.

It read, “As a consequence of a failed attempt to denigrate the Guyana National Stadium and to maliciously incite public disquiet by an illegitimate body purporting to call itself the “Guyana Cricket Board” by causing to be published images of the ground which have proven to be false, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has taken a decision to prohibit entry of the members of the illegitimate body to the Guyana National Stadium ground with immediate effect until there is full compliance with the restored Cricket Administration Act.”

However, the Ministry noted; “being mindful of the careers of the players who will be participating in the Super50 regional tournament, we will, therefore, permit access to the Guyana National Stadium to players and coaches only.”